Kathleen McLeod

Twitter Poem #1

The sunset photographs itself, over and over.

The fairy tattooed on your breast sighs when you orgasm and tells your lover,

“magic happens.”

The wild bird autotunes her own call.

Your dog in an empty house while you’re at work, watching Food Network and

wondering why no one ever demonstrates a recipe for Homework.

Your dolphin tattoo attempts suicide. Leaping from your skin, your body is a

tank, a prison.

J Edgar Hoover writes in his diary and rips out the pages for his file.

Your Facebook friends strip you naked and write “like” on the parts of your body

you try to hide in photographs.

Pollution phones in to talkback radio and tells Alan Jones, “The only price I’ll

accept is death.”

Everyone unfollows you on Twitter because you’re not Allen Ginsberg and you

can’t get away with this poem.

Twitter Poem #2


how to be music

how to harvest honey

in the heart


being alive makes me nervous


Radiant time differences. Equatorial shimmering. Come across.


it’s not hard to be somewhere else when you’re not anywhere


cough up Illuminati in the sink


no matter how I ask, you only give me the uneasy answers


Teenage boy skateboarders on the bus, wearing singlets and gravel rash

shoulders and dried blood on the tops of their thighs.


I liked your face but a minute later I grew bored with your tattoos.


I thought it hadn’t even hit the sides. Then I fell out of my body.


Twitter is your opportunity to contribute to my ego loss.


These knickers were a mistake.


Kathleen McLeod is an anti-poetist poetess, from Brisbane, Australia. Published in Vibewire and in a forthcoming anthology remixed by Saul Williams. Her work can be read here.