Matthew Holmes

We Will Count Our Sheep and Feel Remorseful

i’m trying to fall asleep but i can’t so i reach over the bed and grab my phone

i begin to check on things i haven’t checked on in years

i can’t sleep so i have to check on things that need checking on

my room gets darker

i am still high from a party earlier that i decided not to crash at

i am tired and curled up so i will check things

no one has commented on jay-z’s myspace page in the past year

i feel like commenting but i don’t

i don’t know what i’d say

he probably still reads it, hoping someone will say something

just imagined jay-z laying in his loft with beyonce, feeling the psycho-activity
     from being famous and checking his iphone. he cannot sleep so he
     checks on things that need to be checked on. he checks his myspace and cries
     for the 9th night in a row because someone has yet to comment on his myspace
     page he is trying his hardest to not let his wife know.

i want to feel at home in my bed

it just feels like a bed – something you do something on like ‘just lay here’

it doesn’t feel like i can spend eternity here

i will have to spend eternity checking on things that need checking


matthew holmes is known internally as a buffalo. if he needs to be reached, find his email or facebook.