Walter Mackey

i want to do a bunch of things in life but i will probably never do them because i feel more like lying in bed forever

i want to sit outside in the middle of winter wearing nothing but american apparel underwear and wait for the sky to turn black
i want to perform the heimlich maneuver on a small animal while screaming
i want to burn every article of clothing i own and cover my body in the ashes
i want to throw vanilla pudding at the ceiling fan while listening to the entire enya discography
i want to call 911 and say ‘bingo’ and then leave the phone unattended
i want to inject glow-in-the-dark liquid into my veins and get lost in a hedge maze
i want to love you but you like the band ‘wolfmother’ so i can’t


walter mackey is an canadian east-coaster who has a lot of feelings. sometimes he eats his feelings and in other cases he just writes poetry about them. you can find him blogging daily at he is also the creator of the online art/literature journal Screaming Seahorse.