Katie Mertz

Jumanji The Board Game

a jaguar will lick her one claw

before she rips a stripe in you

remind you yeah we are made

of actual warm stuff and yet

of course we are so accidentally

alive and of course this cherry ice pop

tasted better when we were dying

young but what of it a bassinet

locked to a bike rack hello baby

set her down see if she is happier

in this poem not looking at the sky


Katie Mertz is Associate Editor for Whiskey Island and Assistant Poetry Editor for Phantom Limb Press. When she is not doing those things, she is co-curating the BIG BIG MESS Reading Series and making noise at the Cleveland State University Poetry Center. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ilk, Toad le Journal, Birdfeast & others. Her poem “This is How to Be Good” was nominated for a 2014 Pushcart Prize. She lives in Akron, Ohio.


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