Ellene Glenn Moore

All things counter, original, spare, strange;

title from “Pied Beauty,” Gerard Manley Hopkins

I awake in the grey, a break in the tide,
the museum of my window, snow-dead.

The trees call and snap to each other,
chattering and twisting in half-light.
I line the window with cups of dark, terribly
dark and sweet café cubano, sip them up
like secrets.

This is our sleepless day, the cups sing to me,
where has our glass night gone?

I could wish for a flight across running water,
wings to shake loose the iced arc of the sun—

This bone-world presses its face close to mine.
Put your fingers away, the little cups sing.
You do not need them here.


Ellene Glenn Moore is a poet and John S. and James L. Knight Fellow at Florida International University. Her work has appeared in Jai-Alai Magazine, Barn Owl Review, Architrave Press, and elsewhere. She lives in Miami, Florida, where she and bff Chris Bosh hold weekly salons to discuss poetry, basketball, and alien life-forms. Find her at www.elleneglennmoore.com